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Have you ever thought about making money from home or making money on the Internet?

Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss?

Well, I am here to say that it is possible, you can work from home and make good money too. This is just a friendly little guide
telling you how you can make some money selling t-shirts on the Internet from the comfort of your home. It probably won't make
you rich (although it is possible to earn a decent living), so don't confuse this with some get rich quick scam. What it can do is
make you some extra cash from home in your spare time. Take it from me, it works. Now selling t-shirts hasn't made me a
millionaire, it hasn't even made enough money for me to quite my daytime job, but it has made me some  good extra cash... and
hey, that's not too bad for something that I do in my spare time. Enjoy my article and good luck.
How To Sell T-shirts Online
This article is intended as a guide to those who are looking for answers about selling t-shirts online, as well as CaféPress and it's competitors. This
guide is by no means perfect. It is written by me, based ONLY on my personal experiences of
selling tshirts. So, if you are looking to become your own
boss and you want to
work from home, then selling t-shirts online is a perfect at home business for you. With the growth of the Internet, customers
from all over the globe are looking for unique t-shirt designs to purchase. The demand for eShopping and unique t-shirts are at an all time high, and
that demand increases every year. Now is the time for you to get into this wonderful Internet business. Below, you will find a list of some of the
companies that specialize in t-shirt
drop shipment fulfillment. Before making any decisions as to which company you choose, please check out
everything you can about these companies. Forums and blogs, as well as, the company in question's home page are great places to start
What is my experience with selling t-shirts?
In 1999 my first son was born. Long before he could actually talk, he began the "baby talk." Mostly goos and such. He was a perfect baby. He slept all
night and was NEVER sick. He was always happy and smiling. Anyway, when he began this baby talk, he would (as most babies do) say, what
sounded like, "I Good." The good was a bit long drawn out. My wife and I would always respond with something like "I know your good." And that was
absolutely the truth, as I said before he was a perfect baby. I thought that it would be cute to have a little t-shirt for him that said "I good."  We soon
went to Walmart and bought iron-on t-shirt transfers. I made a simple blue design using Microsoft Paint, "
Igoood." I added the extra "o" to make the
word more drawn out like he was saying it.  I was hooked on the idea of making t-shirts. I very soon began thinking, "I wander how I could sell these.
They're cute, and every baby says I good. I know this would sell, if I could just market it. But how do I market something that only exist in my brain." My
wife and I were not wealthy. We had only been married a couple years. We were making just enough money to pay bills. We dudn't have money or
experience to start a business so I soon gave up the idea. It was a hopeless dream.

Four years later, our lives had changed a little. We were living in a new house. I had a new job. My wife had a new job. She was pregnant with our
second son. We both had returned to college. I had recently bought a new laptop for school. It was early 2003. I had came up with more ideas that I
thought would look great on t-shirts, but again, where and how would I ever be able to sell these. We were living better, but we still did not have any
extra cash to throw into starting a business.

Where do I go to sell t-shirts
So I thought, "maybe I could sell designs" instead of actually starting a business selling t-shirts. I began surfing the web looking for someone who
would buy my designs. This was almost hopeless. It was nearly impossible to find a trustworthy company who would buy designs. That's when I
stumbled upon CaféPress. They didn't  actually buy designs, but they would allow you to upload your designs and then sell those designed t-shirts in
a CafeShop
absolutely free. That's right, at no cost. At that time, CaféPress was fairly new and only offered  few items to sell. White t-shirts, thongs,
lunch box, coffee mugs, as well as a few other items. Although CaféPress may have been the originator of the print-on-deman t-shirt business, they
are not the only one out there today. They do still have an advantage over the competition in that they are the largest on the web and they do have a
user friendly site.
Too good to be true?
So is selling t-shirts online too good to be true?
Did I
get rich quick?
Was this a easy way to make money?

Well lets just say I didn't quit my day job. I began selling t-shirts online February 6, 2003.I started with a few basic shops. I uploaded all my designs,
put them on shirts, and then waited for them to sale. I  waited some more. Then I waited a bit longer. After that I waited a little more. Eleven month of
waiting had gone past, not one single sale. My wife said I was wasting my time "playing on the computer." I was starting to think so too. I just didn't
want to give up. I thought my ideas and designs could sale if I could figure out how to market them.

In January 2004, my wife decided she wanted to get one of my
 t-shirts. We ordered one, and I was shocked. The shirt itself was OK, but my design
sucked. It was very pixilated. It was blurry, and looked very unprofessional. I was glad that none had sold. To my horror, my sister ordered one of
these awful shirts before I had the time to fix it. I spent weeks redoing my images. I ended up profiting $9.49 in 2004. What a great year right? I think it
was. It gave me the chance to make mistakes and learn how to make better designs.
Time to get serious.
In late 2004 I knew If I wanted to sell tshirts, I needed to have a way to drive traffic to my CafeShop. But, how? Part of the solution was to get my own
domain name. I chose web hosting through Yahoo. I then registered I also began paying for a premium CaféPress shop. Over
the next year I made new designs and CaféPress added new items to put my designs on. Again I didn't get rich, but I did make a $505.17. That is a
53 times increase from the previous year. Every year since then, I have steadily increased my profits. I only do this part time, and I put NO money into
it. If I were to invest in ads and other forms of advertisement then who knows what the profit potential would be. For now, I am happy with where I am
at. Who Knew Selling shirts could be so great
All the print-on-demand sites have wonderful tutorials, suggestions, and guidelines on how to make the most of your designs. Such tutorials as
"How to design for dark shirts" is a great place to start learning how to make the best design. Your really want to make the best, most professional
looking designs as possible. After all, it is the design that sells your t-shirts. In other words, the design is what
makes you money. To make good
designs, you are going to need a good imaging software. Personally, I use Adobe's Photoshop.
Print-On-Demand- CaféPress
Now if you are going to start selling t-shirts online, I would suggest you do your homework first. I recommend CaféPress because It is very easy to
use, Very inexpensive (basic shops are free), offers a large selection of products to sell, and is fairly profitable per item sold. There are several other
direct print sites out there, don't pick the first one you search for. Do your homework before you decide.

What does MOST print-on demand sites offer?
You can sell:
Merchandise you've designed including t-shirts, clothing, posters, mugs, bumper stickers, and much much more.
Books and  CDs printed on-demand.

What do they do?
Most sites off a FREE online shop to sell your products as well as more premium shops to sell an expanded list of items for better profit potential.
They produce each item after an order has been placed.
They handle all payment transactions and they accept most major credit cards.
They will ship your products worldwide.
They will manage all returns/exchanges.
They offer customer service for both you and you clients.
They send you a monthly payment for earnings on your sales!

Can I really make money?
Yes! Some shopkeepers on CaféPress earn over $100,000 a year. On average, Premium Shops earn much more than Basic shops. Does that
guarantee that you will make that much from your shop? Obviously not. There are thousands and thousands of shops and shopkeepers and the
vast majority will not earn much money at all. However, like anything in life, the harder that you are willing to work is the more money that you are
likely to earn.

How it works:
Each product offered for sale has a Base Price. The base price includes all fees associated with selling. You set your sell price (retail price) above
the Base Price (markup). Then once you sell one of those items, you earn the markup.

For example: If the T-Shirt you are selling
Has a base price of $14.95,
You decide to markup the price by $2.00,
Then every one of those shirts you sale earns you a $2.00 profit.

How much does it cost?
Technically, you can start selling for free with a Basic Shops.
There are no fees associated with selling on a basic or premium. No sellers fees, no inventory fees, no return fees. You get it: NO FEES.

Each item you sell has a base price. You simply markup the base price by the amount you wish to earn for each product you sell. When you sell a
product, we keep the base price and you earn the markup.

If you are serious about making money selling t-shirts on-line, we suggest you do your homework and choose wisely when picking a service
provider. Premium Shops cost $6.95 at the monthly rate, or as little as $4.99 per month at the yearly rate. There are additional benefits associated
with a Premium Shop to help you sell more.

How do people find my products?
On Cafepress there are two ways people can find your products: First, you will have your own online shop that your products will be available on.
Secondly. Cafepress offers a Marketplace where you products are searchable and may even be featured. The Marketplace is visted by millions of
people each and every month.
2.) Outside of CafePress, you can promote you shop on your own website, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media app/site. You can buy
ads on Google or other search engines to promote you shop or individual items. You can even buy in bulk to sell at you own brick-and-mortar store.

Print-On-Demand CafePress Competitors

In my opinion, SpreadShirt  is the  2nd best alternative currently available to those wanting to sell t-shirts online. Spreadshirts is the second largest
direct to print site on the web. One advantage to Spreadshirt is that you can sell your own designs or you can choose to sell stock designs. Once you
upload or choose the designs you wish to sell, just choose your markup and you are ready to start selling t-shirts. Startup is free with a basic shop
or you can choose a premium shop for small monthly fee. You have a larger print area on your shirts and placing the image is really easy with many
more options than with CafePress. They are a great site for larger businesses who want to buy in bulk and they are the best CP alternative in

Printfection is a print-on-demand site. The site allows you to sell t-shirts and other products online by adding your own designs to products. You
create an online store and make profits over the company set base prices. They have a great marketplace. One great advantage is that their site
allows you to rotate the designs on the shirts..

Zazzle is probably the forth largest site where you can sell t-shirts online. Their site allows you to create products to sell using your own images or  
with  user contributed images. Zazzle is a community based site, which is very cool.

Many Others
There are many other Print-On-Demand sites out there. Do your homework and choose the one that works best for you.

What do I need to sell t-shirts online?
First and foremost, you need creativity and  imagination. Hope is another good thing. You also must have determination and a strong will to
succeed. You need to have thick skin and the ability to take an criticism in a constructive way. (Yes, you will have those who criticize you.) Those are
all traits that are needed by the person who are wanting to sell t-shirts online. One trait that is maybe the most important is patience. Selling t-shirts
online is no get rich thing.

Other things needed are a good computer, good Internet access, and the available time to invest in your new business. I would suggest a domain
name of your own and a premium shop also.

That is all the startup you need.
Selling Web Space
Selling Web space or adding advertisement is another wonderful way of making money on the Internet. For some people, selling ad space is
where the real
money is made. This is a great way to add extra income to your t-shirt website.

If you are looking to
increase your websites revenue, then selling ad space on your site is a perfect way. Google Adsense is the #1 ad site used. In
addition to Adsense, there are many other sites that allow you to
sell ad space. Most of these sites sell ads on a pay-per-click or
pay-per-impression basis. This means you make money if someone clicks an ad with PPC or each time a new visitor views an ad with PPI.

Besides just selling advertising space, you can place ads for commission. If someone links to that site from your site, and they buy something, you
get a commission off of that sale.

You can also make money with affiliate commission sales. For example you can become an Amazon affiliate. Targeted ads are placed and you
site. If someone clicks the ad and buys a product, you can earn up to 10% commission.
Other Ways To Make Money With You Site
Can you make money selling t-shirts online? Can you work from home? Can you be your own boss? YES! YES! YES!
Is it easy? YES! Does it require a lot of work? YES.
Selling t-shirts online is no get rich quick scheme. Heck, you will most
likely never get filthy rich doing it. You can, however, make extra spending money easily and have a good time. You could
make a good living at
selling t-shirts if you wanted too. It is entirely left up to you, your wants, your needs, and your dreams.

Robin S. Goff